21st Century Rider are proud to be able to announce that we have become a UK stockist for Equisense Motion - the first connected device for equestrian sports.

Equisense Motion works by monitoring the horse's movements made in your training sessions and can measure the progress of your horse's athletic development and monitor his locomotion (symmetry), which can also be used as an early detection of lameness.

The sensor measures the following indicators throughout your sessions:

Key Features 


Free Downloadable APP

App available for iOS and Android phones

Subscription free

Free App updates via App Store/Google Play

Bluetooth connected

Connected to your phone via Bluetooth, so no Network Connection required


30 days satisfaction guarantee

30 days satisfied or money back guarantee 

Key Indicators Data & graphs 

How does it work?

1. Download the Equisense application (available for iOS and Android).

2. Attach and centre the sensor on your girth with the help of the leather attachment (compatible with all saddles).

3. Access training details through your application.


Made for iPhone 4S or later, with iOS8 or later

Made for Android 4.3 or later

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