• Who are Equisense?

Equisense was founded in 2014 and was inspired from the shared vision of French co-founders, Benoit Blancher, Camille Saute and Idriss Boumaza - three engineers passionate about technology and equestrianism. The initial spark for the project was the conviction that riding, like all other sports, will inevitably be driven by technology. As their enthusiasm for the project began to spread within their own networks of professional riders, coaches, and veterinarians, it was only a matter of time before they were able to put together the necessary scientific and financial documents to bring their first product to life : The Equisense Motion sensor, a sophisticated device that tracks the horse's well-being.  For more information, please see

  • What do I get when I purchase Equisense Motion?

Each pack comes with the sensor, a soft pouch to store then sensor safely when not in use, 1 Universal charger, 4 power adapters and 1 USB cable.  If purchased as the package, the leather girth attachment is included as well.


  • How many horses can I track with one sensor?

The application is made to follow up to 4 horses

  • How does the sensor know which horse to track?

Equisense Motion is an inertial sensor that analyses several parameters in the locomotion. The App asks the rider which horse he/she is riding when logged in.


  • Does the sensor monitor my horse's heart rate?

The team at Equisense made the choice not to track heart rate. We would have really loved to include this, because it’s a very important aspect, but after discussing with endurance riders who already use existing monitors, they shared with us their disappointment towards this technology.

The problem is that it is necessary to use 2 electrodes, position them well, and they cannot move. They and the horse’s skin must be dampened or an ultrasound gel must be used so that it functions correctly. If the horse’s skin isn’t shaved, the results are mediocre. We thought that this would make its use too constraining for you, and we wanted to make a tool that’s simple to use, thus our decision not to integrate it.

  • What happens with updates?

Updates for the App are available via the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.  Why not join our Equisense International Community on Facebook to hear of updates, share news and progress with fellow Equisense riders?

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